In 1988 I started to grow the Agapornis Personatus
in its natural color.
I have to say: “with changing success”.
At first started selecting the pure natural colors.
That was quite hard as there weren’t that much bred around that time.
Most of the breeders were busy creating the multibreeds. They had simply lost interest in  natural colors. Some time later I joined the “Parkieten Speciaal Club ”(1991), and the “Belgische Vereniging voor Agaporniden”(1994).
As a result I came in contact with people who were also interested in breeding the natural colors. Because of that I can now safely say that I have a very nice flock of birds with good roots. With this site I want to stimulate breeders to keep the natural color as pure as possible.
At the moment I’m trying to create a circle of breeders that peruse the ideal of breeding the  original color Agapornus Personatus.
The idea is that the people in this circle can buy or trade the birds for breeding purposes.
It will not be a club. I already have a few names of people that like the idea.
If you are interested or if you have any questions, please email me.

A small introduction